Digging Into a Buddha Rivalry

Finally, British archeologists have determined that Lord Buddha was, indeed, born in Tilaurakot of Lumbini in Nepal. In a 13-foot-deep trench beneath a swatch of gentle woodland, Bradford’s Robin Coningham and Armin Schmidt over the past three years have unearthed artifacts demonstrating that the site was inhabited during the Buddha’s lifetime and perhaps even earlier. The key, Coningham said, was pieces of ceramic painted greyware, used in South Asia between the 9th and 6th centuries B.C. “The site is clearly right at the center of the Buddhist holy land,” Coningham said in an interview. “It’s the only fortified site, it’s the only urban site around and there are no rivals in the region.” But wait, for although Nepal has charged that the earlier Indian work was politically motivated, India will likely say the same now, writes Guy Gugliotta of the Washington Post. Full story follows: (Story Courtesy of Washington Post, April 23/01


For more articles related to Lumbini please refer to: http://www.basami.com/lumbini/


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