About the stories

I always thought that the stories told to kids neither introduce them to Nepal nor they are any good inspiring them in any aspect of their lives. Usually Nepali bedtime stories are about a protagonist being saved by a talking animal from being eating by demons (Sunakesari Maiya) or they are about something that can hardly happen even in our imaginative utopia.

So, being inspired by the letters of Nehru to Indira Gandhi….no no I did not mean I am intellectually close to Nehru…I am not even near the viscinity of his wisdom…still I thought the stories we tell to our kids should inspre them since childhood to achieve something in life. Thus, I drafted a few simple stories for you parents out there to read to your kids at bedtime. Although they are not the best, I have tried to introduce our country, Nepal through these stories and I have done my best to inspire them towards nonviolence.

This is just a start and I hope writers and storytellers out there would continue efforts like mine to draft better and more inspiring stories.

Happy reading!

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