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Technology is just a Daily News

If your phone does not have a video, you qualify as old school, if it does not have a camera, you are a cave man and if the phone does not even have a LCD, you are definitely an arcaic out of date homo erectus.

Especially with Apple launching its new iPod today, which also happens to be a mp3 player slash video player a kick-ass Cingular phone with super cool graphics. As a result, all the phone companies’ stock have gone down and Apple’s stock has soared. Although I am no stock dude but a few months ago when Apple’s stock was a mere $50, I thought that was expensive…its twice that now, as of today.

I feel real sorry for those who inherit the networks and those who inherited yellow along with Nextel.

Now, this new iPod reminds me of an article in Newsweek (Nov 20, 2006) titled “Are You a Gearhead?” I managed to score 39 and that was I guess not bad. If you would like to try it just give it a shot.

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