Human Inbreeding: What are the consequences?

“Inbreeding is breeding between close relatives, whether plant or animal” (1). Inbreeding can occur naturally in plants via self pollination. It is also carried out in animals by breeders to produce pure strains or to amplify a desirable trait. Inbreeding limits genetic diversity in addition to increasing the probability of inheriting any deleterious recessive genes from a parent or ancestral population. The level of inbreeding is determined by ‘inbreeding coefficient’ meaning that the closer the relatives are the higher the inbreeding coefficient is and thus riskier.

Inbreeding is not only limited to plants and animals. Inbreeding was practiced in western societies (before 19th and 20th centuries) and it is still common in some parts of the world. While Muslims of India, Middle-East, and Africa practice inbreeding for cultural and religious reasons, Amish, Mennomites and Hutterites may have practiced it because they were isolated. The high inbreeding coefficient in Dammam, Saudi Arabiais (0.0312) an be attributable to beliefs, traditions, and the desire to keep property within the family. The practice of endogymy in Hindus may arguably produce similar effects as inbreeding over long periods of time. Another reason responsible for persistence of inbreeding practices is socioeconomic status—the rich wanting to marry only the rich to maintain their status and thus looking in their own families for partners and poor only being able to afford a marriage among themselves. Interestingly, some royal societies have also been known to practice inbreeding to protect royal blood lines. For example, the English Royal family has had many hemophiliac members due to inbreeding. Inbreeding was common in Spanish Royal family as well. Historical events also promote inbreeding. After the United States devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, “there was an increase in the number of consanguineous marriages (first cousin level) in the areas surrounding Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

While some propose that long-term practice of inbreeding can be beneficial to a population as harmful genes are elimination by selection, there have been ample studies suggesting that inbreeding poses threats to a population in a variety of ways such as reduced fertility and increased child mortality/morbidity. A study investigating the effects of inbreeding on the fertility of adult women demonstrated that deleterious recessive alleles received from inbreeding can lower the fertility rates of adult woman. Another study investigated five effects of inbreeding: fertility, mortality and morbidity of the offspring, reproductive performance of the offspring, and characteristics of the offspring. In thus study inbreeding did not have an adverse effect on the fertility of the marriages; however, results showed that inbreeding significantly increases childhood mortality in the first year of life, increases morbidity, and significantly increases numbers of disabled offspring. Moreover, development also seemed to be affected for “the children of consanguineous marriages were significantly older than the control group when they first walked and talked.” However, inbreeding seemed to be beneficial when examining some aspects of health. Offspring from the inbreeding group showed a 14.3% decrease in allergies and a 23.9% decrease in nephritis, a rare genetic disorder that causes inflammation of the kidneys. While these are a studies that investigate effects of human inbreeding, many more animal studies have demonstrated that inbreeding creates health problems. For example, all pure bred dogs have significantly higher and devastating medical conditions.


Human inbreeding and cancer
How cancer is formed
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  1. AI

    Inbreeding causes deformities idiot children and defective immune systems resulting in shorter lifespans due to disease.Royalty inbred for centuries because marrying commoners wasn’t allowed.Marrying commoners is now permitted however these marriages always end in divorce only time will tell if they will return to inbreeding.

    • I have long suspected that the costliest and so-called common diseases were due to inbreeding and purely preventable.
      The trick is to look up each disease separately and you’ll find the data that most, if not all, of the COSTLIEST and MOST COMMON (also the more exotic ones) diseases are PREVENTABLE and due to Human INBREEDING.

  2. anonymous

    deformities in the offspring of inbreeding is not always true. im the “Spawn of incest” having my biological dad also being my great-uncle. everyone thought i was going to be deformed or retarted or something but i’m not im perfectly fine. i have no physical or mental deformities,absolutely nothing is wrong with me:)
    whether or not my outcome is the outcome of others, i jst want people to know you can’t always believe everything you read.

    • curious

      You may have turned out alright but your kids will suffer if you have any. Someone that wants to have healthy kids should think hard about having kids with you And you can thank you nasty sick parents for even thinking about inbreeding they are gross.

      • anon1

        curious you are rude. this person had no choice in parents. ALSO they may have not known they were actually inbreeding…

        ANONYMOUS im glad you came out okay.

      • Mylllieeen

        There is always a chance that something can go wrong. But guess what even healthy parents with absolutely nothing wrong with and haven’t had an insetous in thier family hystory can have kids with Birth defects. It’s a fact and a chance that anyone has the right to choose.

        To say that you think that “inbreeding” is gross is your opinion but it is very rude and you should keep it to yourself ok?

      • My parents arent gross, they’re only human and I love them both very much.

      • Anonymous

        people there is nothing wrong about inbreading just don’t go hill bily red nec about it.
        ps spelled it wrong on porpous

      • Anonymous

        Anon1–“Curious, YOU are stupid! I’ve got a Southern hillbilly cracker living next door to me — curb crawler — take a look at her own idiot daughter! The parent hardly being a fine specimen of feminine beauty, grace ahd brains — so, . . . the idiot daughter possesses ALL traits of mental retardation, and smaller physical stature, asymetrical face.

      • joe mama

        Dont be mad curious,because you are white trash and have a son who looks like sloth from the goonies and you keep him locked up in your basement and feed him baby ruths all day long.

      • Meow

        That was mean! That person may have been a product of rape or molestation. You don’t know the situation so you should not be so hasty to judge!

    • Anonymous

      your’re poor spelling and grammar says otherwise.

    • Flore

      Youre lucky you werent born with a disability. It is a well known researched fact that inbreeding leads to children born with illnesses, disablities, intellectual disabilities etc. I work in the community and witness what these children become due to inbreeding. They are sometimes unable to walk, have mental illnesses and disabilities, suffer from multiple health problems and are of huge cost to the government. We already have enough health problems in this world, mostly due to lifestyle choices and we don’t need to accomodate for more. Inbreeding is an unnecessary alternative to reproduction with detrimental effects to the offspring.

    • Anonymous

      My mom is the product of incest/rape and sadly it shows…. You are VERY lucky you turned out perfectly normal. My mom is in her 40’s and has increased child mortality. She is very misunderstood by others as a “slow person” or as someone who isn’t “all there”. She also doesn’t understand how one should really live in this life and has absolutely zero morals. Count yourself lucky.

    • Seeking knowledge

      Curious is wrong. If you turned out fine, your wife is fine (and not related), all should be fine. All that happens if that 1) inbred=duplicate genes (good or bad) and smaller chance for correction. 2) not inbred=better possibility of error correction. God made genes kind of like this: an extremely powerful CPU and other computational hardware, Input, Output, software including Error correction that tells to 1)split to RNA. Some stays, some is broken to Amino acids, some amino’s to protiens. After split, regain parts and put back together. some splits for duplication. Our DNA is quite a sophisticated piece of machinery. Your post is correct Curious is not. He or she is neither curious or knowledgeable but rather relies on a blind presumption that they better than your bio father. Assuming you don’t repeat the actions of your bio father, logic dictates your children have the same chance (good or bad) and any other non-incest marriage.

  3. This inbredding shit is not cool,

  4. Mary

    Inbreeding increases the risk of genetic problems because both people could carry the same genetic trait. It also can cause a good genetic trait to come out.
    It seems the most likely to cause it would be brother and sister who carry the same exact blood line.
    I am sure there are many more people born of incest than we would ever know. And the idea that it only results in “idiots” or “deformed” is not true..Not at all.
    Though incest is not considered right, moral and most people wouldn’t do it..It has produced offspring. Many times. And again probably more than we will ever know.

    • curious

      You can say that inbreeding doesn’t produce idiot kids if you want But I care for two kids that were born to first cousins and they do have mental and physical problems they get picked on for being cockeyed they cannot hardly talk read or write And they are preteens the kids at school tell the girl that she will be treated like a whore all of her life for being inbred. In my opinion people that inbreed are stupid and obviously f@#$ked up in the head.Keeping in the family should not apply to having sex with family.

      • Anonymous

        “Idiot kids”? Nice medical terminology, there. You sound like trailer trash.

      • anon1

        ““Idiot kids”? Nice medical terminology, there. You sound like trailer trash.”

        -Why would you call someone trailer trash that is taking care of sick children?? Obviously you are the alpha and omega in trailer park lingo. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! seriously!?!

      • Curious..just a thought

        Curious if first cousins did not not have sex you would not be here. There are risks with every pregnancy but deformities and defects are not known to occur within one generation of inbreeding. Your poor kids are just unlucky. Not condoning inbreeding, its disgusting, but it would take time to notice ill effects from first cousins. Want to argue it? look at the Royal Family. Those minor defects, large ears and pointed faces, where passed down over generations of keeping a blood line pure. It does not happen over night

      • Ezekiellia

        By the way you talk, it doesn’t sound like you respect the children who did not choose their parents. And also your spelling and grammar tells me how much you really care. Seriously, think before you post trash.

      • Instead of making fun of the kids, maybe have an intelligent and ‘calm’ conversation with the parents about how maybe getting their kids married to a family within the same family tree might be a bad idea as it is. And maybe put your opinion there in a calm way. Because since their kids are basically disabled (by your definition) getting their kids to inbreed would most likely be a bad idea. And no inbreeding do not produce ‘idiot’ kids. Might as well call your ancestors idiots since they have are most likely inbred because of low-population (check your family tree). And why would she be treated like a ‘whore’? She hasn’t had sex (I presume) so why would she be treated like that? This comment sounds like it was made by a failure who didn’t pay attention in class. 🙂 See what I did there? I just played the mean role, like you did. Now what chu goin’ do bout it?

      • Trevor

        Sounds like you’re one of the assholes who picks on them for being stupid and cockeyed lol!

        I hope when you use the phrase: “care for”, it doesn’t imply that you’re in some form of legal custody over these children because you’re an absolute fucking idiot; that much is apparent just from looking at your disgusting grammar.

        People like you should have to pass a parental competency test before you’re allowed to have children. People like you are the reason “stupid children” exist. My guess is: if these children you “care for” are actually stupid, it has a lot more to do with the fact that they’re being raised by half witt’s like you and their parents.

  5. curious

    inbreeding is one of the sickest thing on earth. My husband’s brother and my hub’s first cousin have kids together.I do not even want to talk about how messed up those kids are physicaly and mentally they are stupid cock eyed little things and the mother doesn’t want to get them help because a Dr. would know. And if this isn’t bad enough she has told her kids that they cannot get married unless they marry someone in close relation to them so that if their kids are messed up too it won’t be a bad thing. Needless to say I keep my kids as far away from that F@#ked up family as I can.

    • anon1

      i think you should tell local authorities and get those kids real help rather than bitching about it on the internet.

    • Anonymous

      lol.. how many incest couples do you know for crying out loud? And yeah deformaties can be caused by any couple wether it be inbred or not. It depends on the Genetic Gene pool. Im suprised though first cousins are legal in alot of countrys and states in america even (something like 18). And there doesnt seem to be too many problems with cousins. Although that doesnt meen there isnt any either. Incest usually becomes a real problem after many generations of it occuring. There are places all over the world that incest occur in. Places in Chile for example have strived off of incest.. and there are some of the most beautiful people there. Sweden allows incest marriages.. and there are perfectly healthy couples of the same blood line with kids (Brothers and sisters even). Its discusting right? Because its morally considered wrong by us.. we have such a large population where we live that its not needed. And naturally most unlikely to happen anyway. Im not saying that everyone should just go and have sex with there family though. Im just saying this stuff happens… animals do it.. humans do it. Its been going on for years and I doubt the whole world is going to just stop doing it because certain societys consider it immoral. Also for those of you who didnt know we all have been scientificly proven to be born from one single women dated way back in africa. We are all great grandsons and grandaughers of incest. So if you want to make fun of inbred kids.. let that cross your mind.

      • Tatiana Etienne

        Beautifully stated…because of your comment, I don’t even feel the need to make a comment.

      • THANK YOU. This reply just made me realise that there might be someone who is actually sane here.

    • Mayella

      What my daddy does to me don’t count none.

    • I was born “inbred” and I have none of those problems. I have 20/20 Im on A/B honor roll and I was homecoming queen.

      • Crystal

        I to was born between first cousins. I’m smart, hard working, no deformities at all. Not to mention perfect eye sight and i was always very active in school. Shows that the people who think that it always happens in incest relationships are highly mistaken or just plain ignorant. Who is the idiot now.

      • Yousonuva


        You’re not helping your smart claim with that awful grammar. Unless you’re a kid…

        /grammar nazi

    • Ezekiellia

      You should tell that to the children’s mother, instead of blaming the kids who are purely victims…

  6. Tee

    Wow this article is really good.
    You covered different angles of inbreeding.
    Personally I don’t agree with inbreeding.
    I understand why people do it in isolated areas because they don’t really have a choice. But if you do have a choice then it shouldn’t be practice, especially if it is already known that there are a number of recessive illnesses in the family as there is more chance the offspring will pass on the recessive defective alleles.

  7. Informer

    Okay. Look I know inbreeding is wrong , disgusting and super inappropriate . But the kids that are born as a result of inbreeding should not be blamed bullied or slagged. It’s not their fault that they were born into a weird family and it’s not their fault that they are inbred. They are just kids who have it tough because they have messed up parents and they shouldn’t be called names. If anything they should be helped and supported just like any disabled children are. Show them kindness and compassion. Don’t hate them over something they have no control over and don’t even understand

    • thank you greatly for not slandering me, informer. 🙂 Cruel words are just words, they no longer bother me, Ive heard it all my life, and Ill probably always hear it. All it is is stereotype.

  8. noorul

    The British family membbers do not seem from physical looks to be terribly inbred, yet they are so sure of their royal blood. So, what is the secret??

    Could it be that the royal women get impregnated by men outside the royal family by agreement between the husband and wife.

    Is this the best kept royal secret?


    • Anonymous

      The obviously deformed are distroyed, you never know about them. And yes, commonerlovers are sometimes taken, resulting children are accepted as legitamate just my opinion,.

    • Skywalker

      Is this sarcasm? Of COURSE the British royal family looks messed up–just look at Prince Charles and his mother. Why are his sons William and Harry so good looking? Because he married a non related woman, Diana Spencer. It was a Godsend they changed their policies and allowed some fresh blood in the royal gene pool.

  9. Eyeball

    While on a project in one of our major American cities, I took time to observe the locals, particularly those in closed communities. I noticed what I thought was a peculiarity in the asymmetry of a given populations facial structures, this resulted in quite a few “what the f*** are you looking at (S)” and several aggressive debates. Nonetheless, I obtained many answers to my question “can you identify your biological father?” Surprisingly about 92% could not, or were not sure (484 of 526 queried) (there were also a lot of “who cares”, they are not included here) this got me to thinking that accidental inbreeding could occur in a closed population-how is this for the basis of an urban horror story centered on genetic depression?

    • Skywalker

      “how is this for the basis of an urban horror story centered on genetic depression?”

      Sounds like the plotline for The Hills Have Eyes or Deliverance.

  10. In the Muslim world and among European royal families until recently, inbreeding has had catastrophic consequences.

    No, I am not saying that every child born of a consanguinous mating will suffer from birth defects or lowered intelligence. I am only saying that, on the whole, inbreeding is a bad idea for both the individual and the community.

    Islam and Genetic Damage

  11. yuri

    Okay I must correct one thing….
    Hindus in INDIA DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT inbreed and neither does the religion tell them to. Please check your facts before posting them like this. This might be 3 years too late but better late than never.

    • Yes they do, but religion does not tell them too, its just something carried down from centuries. So do not say they do not do it at all since there are some deformities out there that are caused because of inbreeding in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc, etc. Or they might have got it confused and say that they might marry their sisters or brothers sister/brother in law if they are married (if that makes sense o_O)

      • pipi

        The deformed kids you are talking about are the products of extremely poverty stricken families who do not have proper nourishment means at disposal for the gestating mothers. The brahmins of India are highly endogynous and the kids are amongst the toppers in almost every field.

  12. naturalman

    Inbreeding may not always be apparent. Some people will marry their first cousin or even second cousin and have offspring that will obviously have genetically inherited health problems. But many people also have incestuous relationships with close relatives like cousins even siblings. Since we live in such a sex-raged society it would be interesting to find out how many people that have various genetic (and genetically susceptible) diseases are actually closely related to each other. I think even diseases like allergies/asthma could be partially or highly correlated with a close relative. Any inklings out there?

  13. I have long suspected that the costliest and so-called common diseases were due to inbreeding and purely Preventable.
    The trick is to look up each disease separately and you’ll find the data that most if not all of the costliest and most common (also the more exotic ones) diseases are preventable.

  14. Mylllieeen

    I kinda Wish there were some percentages in here. So it can give me an Idea of how the chances and if the “power of the mind” has any affect on those percentages. How many of those parents focused entirely too much on what thier child might look like and how many envisioned thier child normal and did it work?

    geesh I’m curious today 0.o hehe!

  15. Hey everyone, Im the anonymous comment that revealed being born from incest. I thank all those who weren’t rude to me like others were. Yes it is true it wasn’t my fault being born from incest, nor did I know about it until my mom told me when I was 12. Believe me Im not proud of the way I came into the world but Im not ashamed of it because it would make me ashamed of myself and my parents. Im perfectly healthy, I wasn’t born with any defects and to this day Im still perfectly fine. For those who said my future children will suffer, thanks a lot for your opinions, Im worried enough about how my kids will turn out but like some one already said, there’s always a chance something will go wrong, even if I wasn’t born from incest. Being born this way wasn’t my decision, so please don’t ridicule me for something that was beyond my control. Thanks to all those for your nice comments and support, it’s greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Skywalker

      Thank you for sharing your story Samantha. You seem like an intelligent young lady and I wish you long years full of good health. If you don’t mind sharing, what was the situation with your parents? Did they just develop feelings for each other they didn’t want to fight/control?

  16. Anonymous

    Samantha how are your parents related ?

  17. Colum Fergus

    Take one look at the royal families of Europe and you will see the clear evidence that interbreeding is wrong. Illness such as hemophilia, madness, infant mortality, the list goes on. If you look at the life span of pedigree dogs ETC, they are much shorter and more inclined to get sick. As the age of steam and flight moved the world populous closer to each other, IE Europeans/Americans breeding with Asians etc we were and are now broadening the gene pool and strengthening blood line globally . Mongrels are always harder and will be less inclined to get sick. In short stay the hell away from your cousins you sick nut jobs.

    • Samantha’re comparing me to a dog? Thanks buddy. Just so you know, I know I can’t speak for every inbred child out there, but I have absolutely no health problems at all. There are possible consequences with EVERY pregnancy, not just those conceived of incest.

      • jane doe

        It is not your fault that you were born from incest. It will be your fault if you have genetically inferior children due to ignoring that you yourself are genetically inferior. If you had a sick child due to the breeding running deep, wouldn’t you feel bad about ever having them in the first place?

      • samantha

        which is why i intend on getting every form of test done before i even try to have children. i’ve thought about this for years.

      • Eric

        Samantha, cheers to you for your bravery.

        I am in a relationship with a close blood relative. I was adopted away from that family as a baby and we ended up together. For one please remember that if you marry outside your family the child can very well have reduced risks of birth complications compared to the norm and you are quite safe.

        As for us, people you can hate on our relationship all you want but in this age you’re being ridiculous. It is increasingly trivial to have dangerous genes deactivated via gene therapy and this trend will continue to become safer, cheaper and more effective. Further it is simple to test the DNA of the parents and rule out potential problems or take corrective measures even before conception.

        Do you think you have some right to tell us how and who we are allowed to love? If so, you’re the one who is being disgusting for your own selfish, hateful reasons.

    • The one above is for all the people who slander inbreeding because we are all children of inbreeding so shut up and leave the subject be. Have a nice f****** day

  18. Susan

    Inbreeding is wrong & if you’re aware your sexual partner is blood related to you, you shouldn’t procreate. I understand the kids don’t have a choice because they didn’t ask to be born, but if you know you’re an inbred person, under no circumstances should you have children. I don’t want to hear “something can go wrong with any pregnancy”, it’s just not okay!!

    • samantha

      well that’s your opinion. if i want kids, i will either have them naturally or adopt. and if i decide to become pregnant, you can be assured i will be getting every type of medical test out there; before, during, and after.

  19. Alia

    I think that Samantha will have to procreate with a close relative to have a chance of anything going wrong. If you look at the royal families, it is because the consistently inbreed. I think it also matters how closely related you are, ie brother/sister. So, I dot think you need to worry.

    • i dont think i will be procreating with my family anytime soon. when the time comes and i want to start my own family, i will sit down with my significant other and tell them my story, and then if they still would like to have a child with me i intend on getting a variety of tests done just to make sure everything will be okay. i’ve thought about this my whole life, i’d rather be safe than sorry

      • Inbreeding is not good and I agree its not the kids fault but that kid when he/she grows up should not repeat the same his/her parents did. Distribute gene pool and keep it healthy and powerful.
        Samantha you should be careful lol ..
        Practice safe sex with a healthy partner and have healthy kids 😉

  20. anon1/anonymous Thank you for your interest in what I had to say But lucky for me what you have to say doesn’t bother me It doesn’t seem like you know what you’re talking about. I did report those kids,and I was not bitching or trying to be mean I have had to take several classes on genetics,and I care for two children who are inbred and I watch them suffer everyday though I do love them they are mentally slow for what their parents have done . Thank YOU just because you want to be honest doesn’t mean anything bad again I dont care what you think

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  22. To curious just a thought you may think you know it all but we have concrete proof that this is why the kids are like this all the members of the family have sex with each other excluding me of course I am not her to judge or argue with some one who does not have all of the facts we put our feelings here for people to read THANK YOU. Read more into it instead of making quick judgements. We are all human

  23. H

    I think it is extremely rude and childish to point fingers at those who are inbred with NO choice of their own. NOTE: I am not suggesting to jump in beds with your related ones … and I DO NOT favor of incest.

    But I also disagree with those that are quick to pass a judgments on others, without completely knowing themselves (or are even capable of knowing themselves). I mean … can any of us, with 100% certainty, say that his or her bloodline never had incestuous relation (or inbreeding)? I doubt it …

    Ironically, those that point fingers at others may very well be a victim…

  24. Wilhelm

    You are not alone, there are plenty of us. I also do not suffer health issues or look different but we will always feel different. Try not to get mad when people compare your situation to animal or plant breeding, its just the most common form of inbreeding so thats all they can relate to. A word of advice though, I would recommend seeking someone possibly outside your race to have children with. Hispanic genes are gods photoshop for instance. If you are white and you have children with another white person, your kid could come out funny looking anyway but you will blame your breeding, and the inbred stereotype is the ozark/appalachian white. Thanks for sharing, I know this is hard to talk about. And to all of you that said anything mean on here, why dont you leave and go to a political blog where that type of behavior is nurtured.

  25. Anonymous

    before morality it was just breeding

    • emeraldfly

      Simply put…I have to say most of the negative comments on here are ignorant. Whether you are a religious person, say, “Adam and Eve” or an evolutionist, then you must know that inbreeding is why every single person is on this planet. Inbreeding is not wrong or gross or disgusting, it just is simply unnecessary for most people. Our culture tells us what is right and what is wrong. When humans began to procreate and fill the earth we had no choice but to breed with relatives, and in all reality that is what we have continued to do all over the world until recently. Only in the last few hundred years when traveling became easier and easier did we start to venture further out into the geological gene pool. For thousands and thousands of years in every country on this planet this occurred in small villages and these people had no choice. Villages swapped out but it all comes around in the end.
      Does anybody recall “The Black Death”? I’ll recap for you. It’s estimated that up to 60% of Europe’s population was wiped out. This occurred in the 1300’s, a hundred years before Christopher Columbus settled in America. This is pretty devastating to the genetic gene pool, and the black plague had wiped out populations all over the world and for quite a long time. Incest wasn’t wrong, because it’s what it took to survive. Truth is, is that I would put the chances of anyone on this entire planets chance of having no inbreeding in their genes at around…oh I don’t know, say 0%, and when I say you have incest in your genes I’m just going to go on a hunch here and say it happened all throughout your family’s history.
      Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of procreating with any relatives of mine and the thought of making it with my brother makes me nauseous, but we don’t do it now because it isn’t necessary to do it in our culture. It can cause defects, however this is rare in cases where no other recent incest has previously occurred. Inbreeding has cause evolution to halt to a stand still and it has also saved species from becoming extinct in more the one way.
      Breeding outside of our gene pool helps us evolve and overcome natural genetic flaws. It is in the best interest of our future generations to have more and more diversity in our genetics. That being said, all of the negative and degrading comments on here are uneducated opinions. Most siblings naturally are not sexually interested in each other because of being reared up together they called it the Westernak effect. There is an old Indian proverb that says something on the lines of….if a 10 year old girl is a virgin she must not have any brothers or cousins or father. Don’t quote me verbadum, but its something along those lines.
      So I wrote an article. I could keep on going but I won’t. I will say that I hope Samantha go out there and falls in love and has a house full of kids. To say that it would be wrong for her to have children would be no different in saying that anybody with any major illnesses in their family should never have children. A friend of mine has been trying to have a baby with his wife for a year now. His mother almost died of cancer and her mother died last year of cancer. The chances of their children developing cancer is probably higher than Samantha having a child with birth defects. Although it crossed my mind to mention to my dear friend the fate he may be sealing for his future child, it passed as swiftly as it had come, because we all have genetic flaws that we pass down to our children. Almost everyone can think of relatives that have had cancer or a heart attack or a learning disability or depression….the list goes on. If we were to stop everyone from having kids that could produce offspring with devastating genetic flaws, half of the population would be out.
      I will say though, if you find yourself being one of those people who are raised to believe that incest is ok, please remember that it is not a decision that anybody has the right to force on a child. You should not insinuate, allow, or encourage incest between underage family members.

  26. Me

    It’s not good. Whatever’s done is done. But it really should not happen. Not blaming the outcome, but I do not agree with incest. Once you know someone is your relative, why would you want to look at them in a sexual nature? That’s your blood family! It may have happened centuries ago for people to be here, but we are in modern times and we understand it more better. It is better to be safe than sorry. I understand that anyone can be born with deformalities, learning difficulties etc, but inbreeding increases the chances and is more likely, due to close genetics. Could you really do it, knowing that someone maybe your uncle/aunt/cousin/brother/sister and at the same time be the mother/father of your child? It messes up the family by making you related more than once. Do NOT sleep with any known relatives!

  27. He Who Comprehends

    Sigh… *no* known relatives? Or merely those who are your second cousins or closer? Does this also depend on how far you’ve traced for family tree – so you can sleep with unknown second cousins, but not known fourth cousins?

    If it’s the feritility you’re after, try checking if you’ve got any good looking third cousins:

    Rather interesting, although not unexpected. Outbreeding is not always a good thing, evolutionary wise. To use a dog example, you might breed a very fit and strong dog with a small weakling, and end up with a mongrel that dies early due to the resulting complications (okay, bad analogy). But anyway…

    • random

      Not to be rude, however your dog analogy was rather hypocritical. A strong dog (with strong genes) and a weak dog (with weak genes) paired together to have a weak puppy. Now, you’re supporting the idea that out breeding is not a good thing. Ok. So why was the weak dog weak? Inbreeding has shown weaknesses and illnesses in dogs. Therefore the continuation of an inbred line is bad–as per your analogy.

      Furthermore, there have been sources that say people are attracted to each other based on smell as well. Why is this relevant? Your smell is based on the structure of your immune system. Someone who’s immune system is to similar to yours (say a relative) ‘stinks’ worse than someone who’s immune system is different. This is theoretically nature’s way of preventing inbreeding.

      As for those who choose inbreeding or whatever, people are against it for the deformities that take place. Yes there are probably people who turn out fine, BUT there are several that don’t. It’s for the people who don’t turn out fine that everyone is against it.

      • Skywalker

        “Someone who’s immune system is to similar to yours (say a relative) ‘stinks’ worse than someone who’s immune system is different. This is theoretically nature’s way of preventing inbreeding.”

        This makes sense to me. Whenever my brother sat next to me, I always thought he had a weird smell and wanted to move away. However, I’ve always liked my (non-related) husbands smell. Nature at work, I guess.

  28. janine

    I think inbreeding is a serious issue. My grandmother and grandfather came from English backgrounds, they had 3 redheaded children and the whole family has depression and anxiety problems. Also, I had teddy bear hamsters that kept breeding over and over again with each other, and about the third litter, they came out pure white with red eyes, were hyper as all get-out, and when they had babies, they ate them. Just a theory????

  29. Humans are freakishly spiritually inbred. The daemonic emperor Silvio Berlusconi is constantly pushing out spirit channels that rape the good personalities aka enemies of avarice to be accepted as the spirit parasite of the host pregnancy. Spirituality very exists but it is demented crap compared to the mechanical WiFi reliability. Berlusconi is the spirit cannibal center piece.

  30. Hindu don’t in inbred. Hindus have the strictest of rule to prevent such things. We have a concept of gotra to prevent such things. Marriage b\w cousins is only seen in ISLAM or in west.
    Hindus in Africa???? There are no Hindu in the world other than Indian subcontinent.

  31. Rsingh

    Hinduism speaks of incest in abhorrent terms. Hindus are fearful of the bad effects of incest and thus practice strict rules of both endogamy and exogamy within castes (Varna in Hinduism) but not in the same family tree (gotra) or bloodline (Pravara). Marriages within the gotra (“swagotra” marriages) are banned under the rule of exogamy in the traditional matrimonial system.[82] People within the gotra are regarded as kin and marrying such a person would be thought of as incest. i.e. Marriage with cousins is strictly prohibited.[83] In fact marriage between two people whose parents are related paternally up to seven generations is expressly prohibited. Gotra is transferred down the male lineage while the Gotra of a female changes upon marriage. i.e., upon marriage a woman belongs to her husband’s Gotra and no longer belongs to her father’s Gotra. At the same time, a girl’s children are not allowed to marry brother’s children[citation needed]. Hence marriage with a person having same Gotra as of the original Gotras of paternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother is prohibited[citation needed]. In certain cases of incest, the Garuda Purana prescribes suicide as the only acceptable penance.[84]

    • Dear RSingh,
      I believe that practicing endogymy may result in increase of deleterious alleles within the population…it would be great to see if that is true using mathematical models…have not done that. So, for the time being, I have made amendments to the Hindus reference in the article.

  32. RSingh and someone else raised the question about inbreeding in Hinduism. The practice of endogymy can have similar effects as inbreeding but may take longer time. For example, Hindus in India and in Nepal practice edogymy. If a deleterious allele arises in a population practicing endogymy, it increases in that population over time.

  33. With the passage of time and probably by 2050-70 period or at max by the end of this century things such as caste and creed would disappear from Hinduism. India is now 120 crore people country, so we obviously have great genetic diversity and which such huge population it would probably take much infinity to have a situation similar to inbreeding.
    On lighter note i don’t think Hinduism would be able to survive his century given the fact it has to compete with such brutal religions as Christianity and Islam in this nuclear age.

    • pipi

      Nuclear family age or nuclear weapon age?
      Hinduism has survived the worst attacks on it made during the medieval ages…it has been 1000s of centuries since then and still going strong. Are you pessimistic about your own culture Mr. Singh?
      Btw, the worst enemy of ANY religion is increasing atheism.
      Muslims do not seem to have a problem about it at the moment as theirs is the currently youngest major religion. The real threat is to european christianity…as they are severely diminishing in terms of numbers.

  34. Anonymous

    I am a Hindu and I know many cases that entail lower caste Hindus marring their cousins.

  35. Anonymous

    What about mental illnesses? Schizophrenia could be related to inbreeding. I found out my great grandparents were first cousins. I was devastated. My aunt was diagnosed with schizophrenia and there is alot of emotional problems in the family.

    • Sorry to hear about your aunt. But diseases such as schizophrenia are not only because of inbreeding. However, your grandparents being first cousins may have contributed something towards a memeber of your family inheriting it. If the alleles causing schizophrenia are recessive, and both your grand parents carried them and both passed the same recessive alleles to your aunt then she would get schizophrenia. But there may be many genes involved in causing schizophrenia and environment may have also played a role.

  36. mary

    Inbreeding does put a higher risk of deformity on offspring,both mentally and physically. Look up the royal family name Habsburg. Read all about it. Charles the 2nd was so deformed he could not even chew food properly, he was also mentally handicapped etc. When people interbreed, ( for example, first cousins. ) The variety in their gene pool is diminished. This puts the children born from this diminished gene pool at greater risk of having health problems. Inbreeding eventually causes infertility as well. The current royal family in the U.K. is not as inbred as royalty in the past. There is much more genetic diversity, which denotes better health for future generations. The only reason people should inbreed, is if it is a matter of survival. An example would be extremely isolated groups with no access to diverse gene pools. I guess I can understand that. One generation of inbreeding may turn out relatively normal. We see this from the surprisingly high number of people commenting here,saying they are descendants of incestuous relationships. However, that does not mean that they will not be at a higher risk for their children to have health problems. Or for they themselves to have a greater risk of developing diseases as they age. This is because their genetic make up, whether they except it or not, is more homogenized and therefore, not as healthy. If families constantly interbreed for several generations, the percentage of stillbirths goes up, as well as retardation,disease,cancer, infertility, physical deformities,mental illness, and a shorter life expectancy, etc. There are so many complications that can arise from inbreeding, that eventually a family bloodline will go extinct. Which consequently is what happen to an earlier bloodline of the Habsburg family on the male side. Very fascinating. Another example of this, is in cheetahs and a lot of animals being bred that are endangered, or being bred back from near extinction. Many cheetahs are infertile, or have a difficult time conceiving because when looked at under a microscope, cheetah sperm is often deformed. This is because of their major population declines that have forced them to interbreed in order to survive and keep the species going. The lack of variety in their genetic make up, leads to each generation having more and more deformities. This is true for purebred dogs, who are extremely inbred and are more prone to hip problems, skin problems, as well as bone, teeth and joint problems. These health problems are all the result of inbreeding. It sounds silly to be using animals as an example, but it is a great example because it matches with humans scientifically. If there is inbreeding in any specie of animal that seriously hinders the genetic variety, it will eventually have dire consequences.

  37. James

    I just wanted to share my story. I found out a few moths ago that my moms parents were cousins, honestly, i wish i was never told this. Ever since then ive had really bad anxiety and depression. Before this i virtually had really no anxiety and my

  38. James

    Depression was never an issue. Now, everyday is a struggle to be happy again. Im constantly isolating myself and beating myself up whenever someone stares at me or trys not to stare at me. I feel like im litteraly retarted sometimes. I meen im not but

  39. James

    I feel like people look at me like i am.. I dont think im ugly, i meen ive gotten plenty of chicks in the past but none recently. Lmao im probably just going crazy constantly thinking about this. I dont know how to just get back to the old happy me.

    • anonymitty

      May be 2 years later, but I hope you’re getting back on your feet again. You’ll probably never be the same happy you that you were, but this’ll give you a chance to find a ‘new’ happy you that knows more about yourself and accepts it, despite society’s views. Heck, we all probably have at least one occurence of inbreeding somewhere in our family history, but we just don’t realize it until we make a family tree for ourselves. However, I’m not saying that I don’t see where you’re coming from, and I certainly don’t mean to tell you to just accept it without any desire to do so. It would probably come as a shock to all of us, but the fact that it does, doesn’t mean that we have to remain at that standstill for the rest of our lives. Just until we are ready to accept the facts of our ancestry and move on. So take your time and try to ignore what society has to say about the matter, because honestly, I get the feeling that all stereotypes start either from a difference of physical appearance or just from one person and a group of friends that agrees. Either way, stereotypes spread and there’s not a thing we can do to stop them from doing so. What we can do is accept the way society thinks, and then either hide and deny ourselves the truth about our ancestry, become numb to the stereotypical societal comments thrown at us, or accept them with a smile and show everyone that we’ve accepted the ancestors actions, but that doesn’t make us different from everyone else, and it most certainly does not change who we personally are. (The last way to handle it may get anyone into fist fights-with bleeding noses and broken teeth on the side) The real fact of the matter is that humans have a hard time accepting differences between themselves and other beings, but we have an exceptionally hard time accepting differences within our own type, which is what gives birth to streotypes and stuff. But such is the world. There are people who will judge you based on your family history(the ‘like father/mother, like son/daughter’ and ‘the apple never falls far from the tree’ kind of thinking), but then again there are other people who will accept you for you and won’t give a crap about your family history. If you find those kinds of people, then you are truly blessed by whatever deity/god you do or do not believe in.

      PS-if you don’t understand my thinking process, don’t worry! I don’t really understand it myself, but it seems to be fun, so understanding it would take the fun away, right?

  40. Bugsybrat

    Is it bad to inbreed with your 2nd-3rd cusien???

  41. Real Facts and Opinions of a person who takes into consideration peoples feelings!

    First off I cannot believe some of the terrible things said. No I do not believe inbreeding is the best choice, but in some areas with small populations or specific religions I understand the practice of it. As for people resulted from inbred parents it is not their fault so calling them idiots or saying you should keep your children away from them is terrible. Just because their parents made a choice does not mean they deserve to be treated in such ways. As for inbreeding itself, no it does not always occur to have deformities and such but the closer the alleles the more likley they are to occur. Usually natural selection gets rid of deleterious alleles, but not always. People or animals with this dominant allele have lower fitness and usually are incapable of passing it on to the next generation, but those with recessive alleles are not detected by natural selection and pass it on. Usually these recessive alleles pass on in small populations because in those situations families begin mating with one another due to having less partner choices. When this occurs the likelihood of an individual receiving two recessive deleterious alleles is high causing individuals to receive harmful traits that lower living abilities or reproduction abilities. So there people stop with the nonsense, get your facts straight, and do some research.

  42. cicly

    Samantha. If you look up inbreeding affects you will see that your situation is really not that bad. A great uncle is not that closely related to you. There is only a small chance of your children being affected. If your mother had a child with her brother or her father it would cause a much greater chance of problems for you or your children. I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you. God Bless.

  43. Comprehendaloopaflurt

    Erm, the children of someone who’s inbred aren’t inbred themselves if said person has had children with someone they’re not related to… there’s almost no enhanced risk if this happens. I would advise people to pick up a genetics primer if they think otherwise.

  44. Katy Lutz

    I’m my own fifth cousin and generations on inbreeding (every two generations or so) seems to have done no good for my family. In fact it seems most of us have been genetically predisposed towards depression and anxiety disorders. In fact in my father’s father’s generation 4 out of 11 children committed suicide along with one of their children. This doesn’t include a further level of first cousin marriage by one of my father’s uncle’s which seems to have produced significant defects. I am presently trying to work out a way to have present generations of the family across at least three countries (at opposite ends of the world) for the newly discovered “bipolar suicide gene” and only expect to find more suicides and instances of bipolar and depression in other brances of the family as a consequence. There doesn’t appear to be much good about it.

  45. The Curious Youth

    After James’ comment about suddenly having anxiety and depression AFTER he found out his mother’s parents were cousins and after most of the posts stating depression and anxiety as possible consequences of inbreeding, my question is: Isn’t it possible anxiety and depression are caused by the fact that society looks or would look upon them disapprovingly simply because of their inbreeding and they (inbreeds) know that once people find out they’ll be ostracized and unaccepted? Depression and anxiety can accurately be described as a state of mind. Is it probable (more so than just probable) that when one worries constantly about societal demands and one’s inability to meet them because of certain circumstances, that is what causes depression and anxiety and not inbreeding? You’ve got plenty of people out there who aren’t inbreeds (or have any other medical condition) and yet have anxiety and depression because their state of mind revolves around some outside, negative stimuli. In short, inbreeding doesn’t cause depression and anxiety, but of course, I’m just a conspirator that thinks the medicinal and medical industry are just making up “conditions” which can only be treated through years of medical therapy and drugs. True, there are real problematic conditions, but depression and anxiety? It’s called, relax and stop caring about stupid things like society, especially since society doesn’t care about you. Have you ever had the group of people that say, “Bulimia is IN this year” stand next to the toilet and hold your hair while you’re puking your nourishment out. Do they pay your medical bills during the recovery, your dental bill for all the acid wearing your enamel off, or your funeral costs when you finally die from infection or undernourishment? No.

    Sorry for that rant. I actually found this page when I was researching homosexuality in animals and wondered if they were incestuous too. I also wondered why, if animals (I make the comparison here because I find our relation to animals clearer and clearer the only difference being in our ability to reason and make choices even against our instincts) can be homosexual and incestuous, can’t we as well? Results are still inconclusive, but I thought I might mention this.

    We do have a choice (regarding incest and homosexuality) but being ignorant of the consequences means making an uninformed decision; also insisting that the consequences not exist is unrealistic. If you know that incest is socially unaccepted in your part of the world and still make that choice, you must deal with the consequences. If you know your child is going to suffer socially (and as a result, mentally and emotionally) it’s probably best to A) move where people don’t know you and start a new life and B) (if the child looks negatively upon incest) NEVER EVER tell them. It’s like telling a child who makes fun of adopted children that they’re adopted (even though that rings true of Karma-like justice [and no I don’t believe in Karma; I believe everything is a result of a choice or many choices and that the results may CAN carry for years on end]).

  46. Yo yo biomed student doing research on inbreeding for genetics exam

    These comments are fun to read, give me moar.

  47. Anonymous

    LOL muslims in india and middle east practice inbreeding for religious and cultural reasons ?!! where the hell did you get this information from..

    • Truth

      It is commonly known among educated people who the real ‘inbreds’ are and it isn’t the ‘hillbillies’, this is ignorant and slanderous propaganda. Do a websearch and link to any anthropological site. Middle Easterners (Arabs, Jews and Persians), South/Central Asians, and Africans have engaged in consanguineous marriages (inbreeding) for thousands of years. And Hindus, especially the Dravidians of south India, and Jews have traditions of uncle-niece marriages. In the USA the most ‘inbred’ whites are the Hutterites, Amish, Irish Travelers, and even Italian Americans (who’s ancestors come from sothern Italy and Sicily where up to 30% of the marriages are between 1st cousins historically. Gypsies, Hopi Indians, Canadians in Newfoundland also practice consanguineous marriages. In fact, not marrying your cousin is primarily just a taboo in North America, Europe, Austrailia and other western societies.

    • Anonymous

      This is well known to anyone who is educated on the matter. Just google ‘consanguineous marriage’

  48. Twoheads

    Well I stumbled across this site when I discovered yesterday my great great grandparents were first cousins…. Yeah awesome! That’s what happens when you do a family tree!

    So it was back in the 1880’s and I’m still trying to find out why they made babies?? They were from a small town and they definantly would have known they were related. So I’d like to know whether it was common in the 1880’s to inbreed on purpose!? Maybe to keep property in families? Or maybe there were no one else to marry? were common Australians aware in the 1880’s of the medical problems of inbreeding?

    Their son (my great Grandfather) had a hair lip/ cleft palate. He had brothers and sisters, but I know nothing of them or their medical problems if any?
    This side of our family has a history of gall bladder problems which is very common. Also a history of Brain Anyerisms and depression.. Can anyone tell me if these are medical conditions stemmed from inbreeding?
    Although this was 5 generations ago is it possible that a severely deformed child can be born through my children as a result of inbreeding from that far back? Or could cleft palate pop up again? Or have we thinned the inbreeding out by now? Haha I hope this makes sense to someone??

  49. Anonymous

    Human inbreeding is a serious problem. I’ve noticed the families that have the most sexual abuse also have the most physical deformities, or they have three kids that have serious medical conditions by age 20, etc.

    Birth defects in families that don’t live a “ghetto” lifestyle are VERY rare. This is why such sickliness is so common on the Westside of Cleveland, mostly poor whites. Also in Union City, PA. When you drive through that town you will notice that MOST people there have VERY distroted facial features.

    This has been ignored long enough. These are REAL people and they need to be educated or separated from the rest of society to curb future criminal behavior.

    I am poor and white myself, however, I dont come from a huge, ****ed-up abusive family like others in my neighborhood do. Its not politically correct to talk about making human genes “healthy” because some idiot in Germany did the same thing 60 years ago and he was a really bad guy.

    HOWEVER: There are ways to do this that don’t involve a machete.

    I think sexually abusive families should be castrated since the children ALWAYS end up perpetrating the abuse in some way. But that’s just my opinion. UNLESS the sexually abused child disowns their own family, THEN they should be allowed to procreate.

    Maybe being around these people, who all have a “tough guy” “you can’t tear us apart, bitch” mentality, COMBINED with criminal behavior and the ideal that they’ve “been through” more than the rest of society, and their HATRED for everyone outside their family, has made me hard hearted.

    Try living in a neigbhborhood where everyone around you is a hardass felon from a huge, ****ed-up family and where you get treated like a spoiled punk because you don’t have this huge family and grew up alone for the most part…and then you’ll see where I’m coming from. These types of people will actually treat you STUPID for not having the same experiences as them. Since I don’t come from a family of convicts I don’t have the same “Street smarts” they do and I am constantly mocked by the ENTIRE neighborhood for that and I am sick of it.

    I am a VERY intelligent person who passed 249 out of 250 questions on my GED. Laugh if you want because it WAS a “GED”, but that’s better than most high school graduates, and I’ll bet you not ONE of the judgemental hardasses in my neighborhood (yes, I’m judgemental too, but I”m not coming from a position of power like they are so I have reason to judge because I feel threatened by these types of people)…

    I’ll bet you not one of them could score that high on a GED. So I see no humanity in the world around me, except OUTSIDE of my crappy little crackhead neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      this is eye opening, thank you all.

    • Chase


      Being ‘inbred’ myself, I graduated in the top 10 of my class, have an IQ of 168 and enjoy a successful career as a software engineer.

      Your supporting arguments don’t seem very related to inbreeding but to socioeconomic situations.

    • pipi

      249 out of 250 in GED and yet you are poor?
      That sucks.

  50. emotional

    I’m 40 yrs old & lately I’ve been feeling emotionally depressed alot. I’ve just found out that I’m an inbreeder , for as my mother & grandfather (her father) were having sex & made me. I never knew him but I always ran into him @ a store & he would always ask bout me & my kids. I feel empty inside, wished she would have been honest bout him b4 he died.

  51. drew peacock

    No inbreeding in montgomery

    Montgomery triangle is awesome!!

  52. Anonymous

    My parents are brother and sister (having the same mother) I am of normal intelligence but have many disabilities especially pertaining to my immune system,skeletal and muscular problems. I have two brothers who are slow mentally and socially. My sister is sick as well. It is not my fault that my parents were morons. Inbreeding is wrong and they should be sued for the life I have to live.

  53. Pingback: Twincest! « Tabooism


    “Human Inbreeding: What are the consequences?
    | Mentavolution: My Thoughts On Evolution/Anthropology” seriously got myself hooked on your website!
    I personallydefinitely will wind up being back even more regularly.
    Thanks , Rachelle

  55. I actually seem to agree with every thing that is composed inside “Human Inbreeding: What
    are the consequences? | Mentavolution: My Thoughts On Evolution/Anthropology”.
    I am grateful for pretty much all the actual advice.
    Many thanks-Ingrid

  56. branden bauman

    My moms parents were brother and sister, and she has many physical and mental problems wrong with her. Thank god my brothers and I do not have the same medical conditions as her.

  57. “Human Inbreeding: What are the consequences?
    | Mentavolution: My Thoughts On Evolution/Anthropology” blueprinteventgroup was in fact a superb blog
    post. If it had even more images it would definitely be
    possibly even even better. Regards ,Ofelia

  58. Bill Clinton


  59. There was some racist guy on YouTube that got a top comment claiming that there should be controlled inbreeding between whites. Somehow he doesn’t seem to realize that controlling the inbreeding between livestock doesn’t apply too well when you do the same thing to humans.

  60. Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective.
    A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that “perfect balance” between usability and appearance. I must say that you’ve done a fantastic
    job with this. Additionally, the blog loads super fast for
    me on Internet explorer. Superb Blog!

  61. Anonymous

    for all the people saying that we are all inbred, we are not. It actualy does not count if the mother and father are not any closer in relationship then scond cousins… just thought you would like to know

  62. Anonymous

    I know my friend was very much in love with his mother and when his father left in war & killed The son started to be withe mother all the time and soon started to please her with the requird sex an d they have very healthy t four kids together. they are still in great love & sex .

  63. I read many comments on this webpage and felt I should comment. In today’s society inbreeding is thought to be wrong and many people think it should not be done, but everyone is forgetting that during Biblical times, inbreeding was sanctioned by God. When Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, their children inbred with each other, and after the Flood, the survivors inbred with each other. So inbreeding is not a sin and it is a part of human nature to inbreed. People do it for many reasons, to keep the blood line pure, to keep money in the family, or because that is the only choice they have to survive. After world castrophies, people inbreed because the population is low and there might be no one else around except for family. Also people have to realize that the offspring of the union should not in any way be blamed for how they were conceived. It is not their fault how they were born and who their parents are. So you can not say that it is truly wrong. Plus any pregnancy, be it from inbreeding or two people not related by blood, has the potential to have babies that have genetic abnormalities or birth defects.

  64. carla

    i is inbred and also badass redneck hillbilly, i have sex with my brother and my parents are brother and sister, we close family, my daughter is my daddys kid and so is my granddaughter, we likes to keep it in the family, daddy says its the only way to save the world and keep the bad guys from taking us here trailor.

  65. i am a fan of your inbreedness. let me know how i can join you and your father uncle circle of sister aunt familia. sounds like something i love to sister mother do. how do i brother father like you::;))

  66. Crazy as all this is, my husband is a red-neck hillbilly born cleft-lip, repaired as a infant , but when he went to a surgeon for sinus issues they informed him though a ultra-sound imagining done he had also pallet reconstruction, he was never told about by mother. I never questioned the birth defect , but currently his mother’s brother brought into a discussion that his father was claiming he wasn’t his and the discussion was leading into a incest relationship between his mother and a family member. Whatever, our mouths just dropped as total silence filled that room…Hush and oop’s !!!! This all just makes me sick, I have been with this man for 28 yrs, very trying year’s especially with his mother. We have 2 grown children together and all this mother has ever done was start scandal saying these children weren’t my husband’s. Which was complete nonsense, but this coming out seems to make all sense to be now, due to the fear that her dirty little secret would be told. How much sicker can all this get….I’m sorry I have completely had enough, it’s one thing that my husband can’t be blamed for that, but it’s another denying all his mother’s deceitful actions and allowing his mother to take these horrific vulgar accusations against me and our children. There’s a lot more in question here, because the parents blood types don’t match to the type my husband has, it’s impossible to have a child with his type by these 2 parent’s. His mom calls him special and he believes he is too, and that’s why he has been given this special blood type. This could only happen up in those “Holler’s” of Kentucky….But, I’m gone…!!

  67. To all those basically saying that all poor genes come from continuous inbreeding I hate to say your wrong. My parents are no relation and 3 out 4 the four of us (my 2 younger sisters, my older half brother and myself) wear glasses as do our parents, my youngest sister suffered from hyperthyroidism (the only one in my family to have it. 2 out of 3 of my biological children wear glasses (neither have the same father which is a different subject and rant all together) and I wouldn’t be surprised if my youngest needs them too even my stepson wears glasses even though neither of his biological parents due. My 2 year old has a mild form of autism and my other children do not. Yes inbreeding CAN cause health issues but it has to be close relation. My ex-sister-in-laws daughter is a child of incest (mother and father are biological brother and sister) she does have some learning disabilities, physical deformities in the form of missing adult teeth, and behavioural issues but that’s not her fault. My best friends children have physical deformities one child has 2 thumbs on one hand nd the had to have cranial surgery and has mental retardation (god I hate that word) none of these children asked for these issues and only 1 was the outcome of incest. They are all children so why not speak of them as such and not monsters or things? How about just growing the h3!! up and start acting like the adults some of you claim to be
    *Rant over*

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