13246: A movie by Apil Bista


Apil Bisht has made a movie regarding the Maoist rebellion of Nepal it is titled 13246. Due to some disturbing images viewers’ discretion is advised. You may leave comments/questions for the movie maker on comments section below.


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13 responses to “13246: A movie by Apil Bista

  1. kiran poudel

    hello … bro ..
    excellent promo ….first time in nepal…..i m viewin a good promo of movie title 13246
    good luck …..
    thakx to apil bista film maker …
    best of luck … wating for movie…

  2. nanfadhilah

    i watched the promo of the movie..it’s a great beginning to apil..

  3. shrijana

    Exclusive promose ! Great impact for the symbol of changing patern in movie making.
    It would be better if you include th ereleasing date in your promo. So that we can start countdown to watch it.

    Good luck and thankx.

  4. I talked to Apil and he said the movie will be released in about two months. He did not write much about it but I have asked him to include a synopsis about the movie and as soon as I get it, it will be posted.
    I personally thank all of you for all the love and support you have shown to Apil. He knows about this page and he probably visits this page regularly. He must be very encouraged by your support. Thanks once again.

  5. Emann Yolmo

    It’s a great effort to change the pattern of mainstream cinema of Nepal. I hope the movie turns out to be as good as the promos.
    Good Luck Apil !
    Looking forward to hear more about the movie…

  6. kandary sanjay

    that is really something exclusive i expected from you. this all i am watching a new nepal.
    so two mnths from now…

  7. bidhan

    hey bro awesome promo how can i watch this movie

  8. rajiv

    great job man ……..
    i know u r winner..
    all the best for yu future

  9. dev

    great job..Apil.
    best of luck.

  10. yus0n Shrestha

    When will the movie be out?

  11. Hello brother,
    Great job. Keep it up, Best of luck.

    Saroj Ghimire

  12. Yohtonka

    Thanks for the info. Going by your July post, the film should be out by now. Could you let me know how I could obtain a copy?

    @Anil Bista:
    If you are reading this message, I would appreciate a short reply from you too. I have been following some documentaries produced by non-Nepalese media and film makers on the issue of the Maoist War in Nepal, and I believe this documentary is one of the few that could provide a “Nepali perspective” on the conflict. I would be very interested in hearing from you.


  13. Yohtonka


    there was a typo in my previous message.

    the msg was adddressed to “apil bista” (director of the documentary), and not to “anil bista” (whoever he is, god bless him too) 🙂


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