Documentary On Royal Massacre of Nepal-Part I

Holds former HMK Dipendra as the gun loving arrogant obnoxious murderer…also shows Dipendra’s life since birth.

I had the opportunity to read Raktakunda, a bestseller in Nepal, that documents the Royal Family since King Tribhuvan and attempts to explain the Royal Massacre thru the eyes of a Royal Family worker who had worked her entire life in the Palace and was also an eyewitness of the Massacre.

This video however, strongly conflicts with the reports in the book. Interviews given to this documentary regarding Queen Aishwarya by Kanak Mani Dixit–that she never used her powers to influence Nepali politics are very controversial because the Queen, unfamous as Pamfadevi during the Panchayat Rule, has been known to have disagreed with King Birendra about ‘granting’ democracy and along with current King Gyandendra attempted to maintain the Panchayat. There are many more clips in this video that causes one to question its authenticity.


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