God Bashing: A narrow visioned operation….

The video below is probably one of the most loved videos by non-believers but not believing in God is one thing and bashing God is another…the latter is simply a sign of ignorance.

I just wanted to point out that the most important part of religion is not God but the philosophy…Geeta says “Karmanyaba dhikarastum, ma faleshu kadachana.” This means it is your duty to perform your work, you must perform your work with pride and it is your work that you own not the result of your work. If you fail, then there is no need to cry on failure just keep doing it and if you succeed, there is no need to boast about it either.

Furhtermore, Bible says: “Honor your Mother and Father. Thou shalt not murder, comit adultery, steal, and covet thy neighbour’s wife and properties.” The bottom line of these commandments are respect your parents (and other elders possibly), do not engage in violence or any other wrongdoings and finally, get rid of jealosy.

Now, those teachings are not false and if we can only follow these two teachings from scriptures, we will be a lot happier. Yes there are some insanely ridiculous teachings in the scriptures as well…well simply ignore them. I guess the scriptures are up for a version 2.0…but the bottom line is if we just chose not to worship a figure but study and imply the teachings of religion in practical life, we will definitely succeed.

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