Violence in Fremont: Shoot ’em Kids?

A couple of weeks ago, on a Friday evening I visited my friend at his home. Since it was hot inside, we decided to crack open a bottle and chill outside at the porch. His porch has trees all around it and there is a creek closeby so it is cool out there.

We were just sitting there and chatting, two young lads covering their faces with scarf came running below our porch and started shouting racial slurs…alarmed and shocked we all got up and told the kids to leave…they left saying, “we’ll get you b@tch#s.”

Still shocked, we were talking about the bizarre incident when one of our friends spotted them across the parking lot walking. He then, despite our advice started shouting at them. He had not said much–he shouted that they were kids and it was too late to be hanging around; they should go home.

One of the kids then picked up a stone and threw at us. The stone did not even come close to us and we were giggling at their feeble arms when a bigger rock came flying and hit our neighbor who was witnessing these events silently from his porch. Now the situation was getting out of hand and thus my friend, the one shouted earlier called the police.

We thought the incident was over. Alas, we were wrong. A minute later, I heard something walking on the grass and I was cautioning everyone to go inside…suddenly we were showered with pieces of dried mud…it hit our door, windows, wall, everything… We ran inside and the cops came shortly. They talked to us and our neighbor who was hit with the rock and they kept patrolling the area or hours. The kids did not and have not returned since.

The funny thing is that everyone gave their opinions why the event happened and what should be done to prevent such incidents in future. Various ideas were uttered, one suggested we place a gate, the other suggested we have guards but almost everyone came to a consensus that the owner should own a gun… a gun?

I realized that this conversation was not going my way so I left….but guns?

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