NFL 2007: Game 1…Colts vs. Saints

I know the Colts are going to win…..

C’mon Saints, you can do it…if Appalachian State can beat the Michigan Wolverines, the Saints can defeat the Colts…just a note though Reggie Wayne should have a good game.

Colts 0 Saints 0

Colts three and out. Saints have first down…thanks to Colston. Another first down by TE Johnson and another one by Bush…all on my fantasy team. The Saints are stopped soon.

Colts 7 Saints 7

Colts keep advancing…Saturday plays great. Touchdown…Harrison. Why Harrison? Why not Wayne? Damn…but Wayne’s time will come soon. Wayne time…he receives a pass but oh no…fumble…Saints take it all the way for a touchdown.

Colts 10 Saints 10

Wow! Saints run a reverse and pick up a first down. But end up kicking a field goal.

Fantasy check: I am down 1-7. I am yelling stop that running game. Manning keeps passing to Wayne but just cannot make the play…the defense is playing great 😦

It is evident that the Colts are far better than the Saints in both sides of the field. Seconds before the half time, a field goal by the betrayer, Vinateri ties the score.

:38 left in the half. Brees: most touchdowns in less than 2 mins last year. Can they do it again? Nope. Dwight Freeney sacs Brees and illegal passing penlty is called. Colts opt for the penalty…dumb.

Half time. The worst person in NFL is Keith Oberman…dumb…who the heck is he and who cares?

Colts 27 Saints 10

One deep pass to #88 and #29 rushes in. Up 7 Colts.

Hurray!!! Wayne gets a TD pass! Field goal Coalts.

Fourth quarter…Freddy Keiaho the rookie who replaced the big shoes of Cato June is very impressive… Saints are 4th and 1 (less than 1 actually) and they punt. Punt? Dumb.

Manning is going to score again and game over…if that happens, I am gonna stop watching the game.

Colts 34 Saints 10

Touchdown Wayne. Yeh!

Game over. 10mins to go.

Fantasy check: 31-29. I am up. My players left to play: 5. Opponent’s players left to play: 8


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