Superbowl 07: Patriots vs. Packers…or Cowboys?

Yeah its just three weeks into the season and I am already talking about Super Bowl. Isn’t this too early….you might say…but I predicted Colts’ Super Bowl win in the second week last year. Besides, the morning shows the day.

So, after disappointing loss of Saints against Colts, the season has not looked any good for the Saints. They are 0-3 entering the bye week.  Hopefully the season will be better for the Saints and thus for my Fantasy team which has three of Saints players.

A fascinating observation is though all the bad teams of last year are doing really well and all the good teams are doing horrible.
That statement can be extended to the players as well. Whatever happened to Seahawks, Bears, Eagles, Giants, Chargers, and Bengals. Whatever also happened to LT, last years MVP and Alexander and McNabb. When will the Bears and Giants be consistent? Even with the defensive coach, Bengals never seem to improve on defense.

A few teams have been impressive though. New England Patriots for instance, they were always good but this year they are playing like the best in the league. Randy Moss seems to have been enlightened that its not always about him. And T.O. has also realized that and these two teams seem to have picked up where they left off last year.

I am even more impressed with the Packers. Man they playing good. Go Favre! All the inconsistencies out, good decision in for Favre and he looks like a force to reckon with, breaking all the records and winning all the games.

Of course the season is not going to go like this; there will be bumps here and there. But if the winning teams adjust to the losses, not only games but also their injured players, and focus on being consistent, they got a good chance of appearing on the big day in uniforms.

Personally, I wanna see the Packs win. One last for Favre and let the Rodgers era begin. If not I’ll take Pats vs Cowboys and witness the dynasty being strengthened.


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