Who killed the dinosaurs?

Human-dinosaur coexistance?

There are the followers of Gerald L.K Smith, the father of theological theme parks who believed that the world was created by God a mere 6,000 years ago where dinosaurs and humans co-existed in the beginning. Then there are those of us who believe in evolution. We read the disclaimer that the Flintstones is just a cartoon and not a depiction of a young earth! Laugh Out Loud.

It is probably a coincidence that I was reading about Mr. Smith and the next thing I read was Time’s article suggesting that the Deccan Traps of India had some connections with extinction of Dinosaurs. Once again, the Indian Subcontinent had something to do with evolution! Aha… so Toba, the supervolcano was not the first major Asian player in the game of evolution….65 million years old Deccan eruptions were also played a key role in evolution.

I may have confused some of you but readers, this is exciting! Lets get back to the point…I believe that the Indian Subcontinent is one of the most richest areas that may hold clues about our past. Why? Because one, it has been part of a lot of major events such as the “Out of Africa” migration–when early humans migrated out of Africa to Australia through the coastal route, they are supposed to have traveled through India to Andaman Islands and Indonesia. Two, the Indian subcontinent has also witnessed the eruption of super volcano Toba which is believed to have wiped out the entire human population of the Indian subcontinent, brought ice age in Europe, and created the largest bottleneck in human history. Despite the richness, there have been very little scientific expeditions that have ventured the Indian Subcontinent. If more research were to be done in that corner of the world, more clues could be found out.

Time’s article proves my point. Gerta Keller, a Princeton Paleontologist took her research to India and has proposed that the Deccan eruptions “began perhaps half a million years before the mass extinction [of the Dinosaurs].” The asteroid impact catalyzed the Deccan eruptions which “reached their climax [300,000 years later], sealing the dinosaurs’ fate.”

Of course, some scientists refute this claim and it may be refutable. May be it is not the only player in Dinosaur extinction but no doubt, this finding has added valuable knowledge to our understanding of our past. Many more of these findings can allow us to better understand our past so folks, we need to revisit the Indian subcontinent more often!


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  1. Oh wait…pathogens might have played a role in wiping out the dinosaurs! According to scientists, the dinosaurs might have been weakened by the microbes such as those that cause Malaria and Leishmania and this made the dinosaurs too weak to handle changes in the environment and thus they went extinct.

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