23andMe: Got Genome Analyzed?

“For as little as $1,000 and a saliva sample, customers will be able to learn what is known so far about how the billions of bits in their biological code shape who they are,” mentions Amy Harmon.

23andMe is one of the start up companies that gives you a full report of your genome (23 DNA) for a low cost. You can find out whether you are genetically susceptible to a disease; you can also check whether there is a reason why you like brussel sprouts. This new concept of DNA exploration, like any other scientific innovations, is quite controversial. What if you find out something bad in your DNA? What if the insurance companies find out about your bad genes? What about the good genes?

Yes there are many aspects of DNA exploration that need to be tightly regulated. But there are very positive information one can find from them as well. What if you found out you are susceptible to diabetes, would you still crave for those candy bars? How about heart attack, won’t you hit the gym? I mean you can use the info to change your life and to live longer.

Wait…that is not the end of the story….rumor has it that there is a connection between Google and 23andMe…and that is not bad. I can only imagine when I will be able to Google any gene of mine to compare it with that of others. If companies like Google  and 23andMe join hands, that can be great for researchers as well. Science, every time it introduces a new concept has always been ridiculed. Tommy Lee Jones says in Men in Black, “1500 years ago people knew the world was flat, 500 years ago people knew the Earth was the center of the Universe and 15 minutes ago,…….” Well, “15 minutes ago you knew you were never going to have a heart attack but now you do so get your butt to the gym and exercise!” thats what these new companies can tell us.


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