Missed opportunities of becoming a millionaire?

As an undergraduate at Cal, I was working in a cell biology lab with fluorescent tags. These tags are fluorescent colors produced mostly by marine organisms and are used as markers that can be attached to a cellular component to see which areas of cell they are expressed in. However, the genes responsible for producing such fluorescent colors have already been identified. One can fuse these fluorescent genes with proteins to produce a glowing protein, which can then be tracked inside the body.

I had an idea–lets make fluorescent pets! I would scan various animals and identify a color that glows in dark. I would then identify the gene. I would then fuse the gene to the progenitor cells of a chihuahua embryo such that only its skin would glow once the dog was born. Then I would sell the puppies to scandalous people like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. All I would need then would be ONE cover picture in a tabloid magazine and America would be demanding the puppies that glows in dark! Hell yeah!

Seriously, it can be done. In fact it has been done. A Korean Team of scientists used cloned cats with fluorescent protein. Of course they made those glowing cats to explore newer ways to cure human diseases and not to appeal to American celebrities. But that can be done. Anyone interested?


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  1. “Pebbles is a service dog and is trained to help her owner, Roni Hoggins, with her disabilities. Hoggins said Pebbles can tell when she is going to have a seizure and alerts someone when that’s going to happen.
    Pebbles is bright pink, and often brings unwanted attention.” according to the news site http://www.bakersfieldnow.com/news/78484477.html.

    Is that not a novel cause for colored dogs? I think it is!

  2. It is possible that the mechanism of skin color is preserved across species.


  3. Anonymous


    Text from the link above:

    Chinese Turn Dogs Into Tigers, Pandas

    A new fad in China has zoo owners using dye and haircuts to make their dogs look like tigers and panda bears.

    Fox 29’s Steve Keeley showed some of the pet pictures on “Good Day” and laid part of the blame on singer Aubrey O’Day!

    The dogs are specially groomed to look like exotic animals.

    One zoo in the eastern province of Henan took some stray dogs, and made them into the exotic animals using paint.

    But other examples of dogs being painted as pandas have been seen in China in the past.

    Back in the U.S.A., Keeley also found people on the Internet who have dyed their dogs with exotic colors.

    Keeley said O’Day is one person who sets a bad example by dyeing her dog.

  4. Here is another reason to customize the color of your animals 🙂

  5. One more time:http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2011-07/29/tegon-the-glow-in-the-dark-dog

    I should have started a startup when I had this idea!!!!

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