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“Living Big”: Things to do before I die

Here are a few things I’d like to do before I die:
(improvisation from suggestions made by “Living Big” in You24 magazine)

2.Disappear for a month every year…visit the most remote places in the earth…
3.See Alicia Keys and Metallica and Pink Floyd Live
4.Hike the Grand Canyon
——–I at least went to the Grand Canyon. Finally!
5.Be Honest
6.Drive Cross country
——–I drove all the way from CA to Chicago…that was our honeymoon! It was awesome!
7.Run with the bulls?
8.Throw an unforgettable party
9.Go Rafting
10.Change my look…six packs!
11.Drive the AutoBahn
12.See the natural and man made wonders of the world
—-Man made:The Jesus in Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro.
—-Natural: The Grand Canyon, the Rio Harbor.
13.Go to Amsterdam
14.Eat bizzare foreign food
15.Learn to swim
16.Sing Karaoke and do stand-up comedy
17.Climb Kilimanjero and possibly Everest…if not another smaller mountain in the Himalayas
18.Have a photograph exhibition
19.Have one wife and a cohesive family
—-I have an awesome wife…
20.Write my autobiography and a novel based on my family esp…my mom and my grandfather
21.Live by some of the good guidelines set by Hindu Texts
22.Go to an amusement park

I am going to check them once I successfully do them…cheers!


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