Flor Amorosa: Laney and Conta Costa Colleges (Ron Galen)

I had an opportunity to incomplete a guitar class with Professor Galen and it was a great class. He was a good instructor. Don’t believe me? Check out the video. Hey I did not complete the class but its great to see others who are on their way to become fine guitarists. My best wishes to all of them.
Ladies and gentlemen, Flora Amorosa!


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3 responses to “Flor Amorosa: Laney and Conta Costa Colleges (Ron Galen)

  1. Ron Galen

    Thank you, Aashish, for your kind words. I’m truly blessed with good students. Even some of the ones who don’t finish the class do good things.

    • Hey, Professor Galen! This was great! Took me back to our Piedmont classes of long ago. And it was especially nice to see your face again, even if only on a video.

  2. Thanks Prof. I regret that I did not come to the final class. I might have done horribly but I would not have missed the dimsum with you. It would have been fun. But how much ever time I spent in ur class, I had tons of fun.
    I try to promote good things. I m glad you appreciated it 🙂 thanks!

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