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Pay per news: Internet’s future?

Hanging out with the Silicon Valley folks I have learned that all IT people are computer professionals but all computer professionals are not IT people. huh….? Another major idea I am now learning is the opensource. No its not outsource…which is very common these days…its opensource. A friend of mine recommended “The Cathedral and the Bazzar” which I promise to read someday…oneday…to understand opensource. In a nutshell though opensource is something in which a project is created and almost everything about it is public information. One can use the info available to develop new things and can even make $$ but has to somehow contribute back to the original project. An opensource project: world wide web. A company who has benefited from opensource: IBM. People who have benefited from opensource: YOU! because you get so much info for FREE!!
But that may come to an end. Since the newspaper business is dwindling due to lack of paid subscriptions and lack of advertising…thanks to the bad economy…they are thinking about sustainability. Like the WSJ which charges for its online news, other companies may adopt the pay per news model. Will that work? I dont know. May be it will. But again, that may just be an opportunity for independent bloggers offering high quality free news to take a huge step towards making newspapers extinct. We shall see…

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