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A very touchy love story was reported in a report titled “Chinese Man Shows World What Real Love is by Carving 6,000 Steps Up a Mountain for Wife.” This real life story began half a decade ago when 20 year old Liu Guojiang fell in love with 30 year old Xu Chaoqing.

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Fiction: A story about Late HMK Dipendra B. B. Shah

पर्खाल भीत्र र बाहिर (दिपेंद्रको असहज मृत्युको बारेमा लेखिएको कथा) by Dr. Kavitaram Shrestha (

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The tale of the racehorses

Published on Nepal Abroad, Chaitra 08, 4 (09) and Chaitra 09, 4 (10) issues.

Once upon a time in a small town there was a family of horses that ran in chariot races. There was a dad horse, a mom horse, a brother horse, and a sister horse. All the horses were really fast. Together they had won many races and people really loved them.

Even though they were popular and had won many races, the brother horse always wanted to win more races and bigger races. He always wanted to get more popular. One day the brother horse decided to run in the Nariiot, a very long race where many horses from all over the world came to run. They were all big and strong horses and the brother horse and his family was too small and inexperienced for such a huge race. Dad horse, mom horse and sister horse did not want to participate in the Nariiot but brother horse insisted. When the rest of his family resented the idea of participating in the Nariiot, the brother horse yelled, shouted, and cried until the others agreed.

Once they listed their names in the Nariiot, they practiced for many days. Each day the dad horse and mom horse ran very hard and so did the sister horse. The brother horse ran the hardest because he wanted to be the best horse in the Nariiot. He was very fast but his dad, mom, and his sister were not as fast as he was. Even though they were trying their best to run as fast as him, they could not and the brother horse complained all the time saying that they were not fast enough for the Nariiot. He quarreled with them every day such that no one in the family liked to talk to him anymore. But to appease him they kept running harder and harder every day.

Finally, the big day came. On that day of the Nariiot, there were horses of all color: black, white, brown and some even purple ones. They were many tall and muscular stallions and geldings. The brother horse although being the tallest in the family looked like a colt in front of the other horses. Everyone lined up at the starting line in the huge racetrack at the Nariiot. This was the first time the brother horse and his family was running along side the big and stronger horses for very long time.

The race began. The horses started running. The brother horse ran his hardest and so did his family members. Although they did very well in the race, they were not able to wallop a few chariots. One time they came close to being the first chariot in the race but the dad horse and the mom horse were too old and weak to keep up with other stronger bigger horses instead of giving their best effort. Sister horse was too young and delicate compared to other competitors but she too ran as fast as she could. When they started to lose the race, brother horse was not happy so he kept yelling at them to run faster and faster. The race ended and the family did not win.

Although they did not win the Nariiot, all the participants complimented them on their effort. The brother horse went and high-fived all the horses who complimented them. He even danced for the crowd. The crowd loved him and cheered for him. There were even photographers who took his pictures for big magazines. The brother horse loved it so much that he forgot about his family. Not even once did he thank his family members for the grand performance. Never did he show any affection for their woes and blisters. While he was enjoying his fame, the father horse and the mother horse were gasping for their lives because they had ran so hard. Sister horse was not able to even walk comfortably anymore because she had blisters all over her feet. And they were very sad because the brother horse had totally forgotten about them. They quietly went to their wagon and with a great deal of agony started to pull it towards their home.

It took very long for the brother horse to realize that this family had left him. When he found that out he also felt the saddest in his life. All of a sudden, all the cheers and high fives did not mean much to him. He realized that his family was what meant the most to him and without his family all his happiness was also gone. He then immediately took off to his meet with his family. He found them barely dragging themselves along with the carriage so that they can return home before dusk. The brother horse felt very bad for them and he could not forgive himself for his family’s situation.

He slowly approached his family members and apologized for being so stubborn, indifferent and selfish. He then kindly asked dad horse, mom horse, and sister horse to step inside the carriage and he pulled them the carriage all the way to home. When he got home, it was already dark and he was very tired. He had blisters in his feet from dragging the wagon with his family in it for many hours and he had bruises in his chest and on his shoulders. He was very sore and exhausted. But he was happy that he got them home safely. There were no cheers or high fives for this accomplishment but this was the most cherished accomplishment of his life. That day, they all ate dinner together after a very long time. Everyone thanked brother horse for getting them home safe and they all said goodnight to each other before going to bed.

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