Approaching Singularity: Terminators and Machine Integrated Humans

Terminator IV is coming out and with a bang…the bang being an explosive combo of Christian Bale and McG. But am I seeing the rise of the machines here? I just read in Wired that “Adam,” a robot capable of carrying out the entire scientific process (formulating hypotheses, designing and running experiments, analyzing data, and deciding which experiments to run next) exists. Thinking bots! Should we start thinking about REAL terminators chasing us…just a thought!

In near future technology may allow us to integrate man and machines. There will be no need to carry ID cards, a chip installed in our body will be detected by scanners installed in doors. While this is a possibility in the near future, in distant future cell phones will not be needed, a sim card implanted in our brains will directly make phone calls. May be connecting to the world as shown in the movie Avatar will be possible and we will truly achieve singularity…well this may be fantasy of my mind. One positive effect of integration of machine into man is that it may help thousands of disabled humans as Eythor Bender shows in the following TED talk:


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