The role of calcium in the Cambrian Explosion of Life

According to the Science Daily

“…the massive and sudden surge in the calcium concentration of the Cambrian seawater — that is believed to be the result of volcanically active midocean ridges — not only initiated the buildup of calcified shells, but was also mandatory for the aggregation and stabilisation of multicellular sponge structures. This allows, on the other hand, to formulate a novel theory where the geologically induced increase of marine calcium might be the key for understanding the Cambrian Explosion of Life…”

The original paper: Fernández-Busquets, X et al. Self-Recognition and Ca2 -Dependent Carbohydrate-Carbohydrate Cell Adhesion Provide Clues to the Cambrian Explosion. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2009; 26 (11): 2551

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