Human Genome Projects: triumphs and disappointments

The New York Times article starts with the disappointments of human genomic projects and continues on the second page to highlight what we have learned from them. Although genomic studies have not elucidated disease causing variants, they have been helpful in basic understanding of human biology. With better statistical analysis and further research in constructing gene networks, disease causing variants may not remain elusive for a long time.


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3 responses to “Human Genome Projects: triumphs and disappointments

  1. Jen

    I am sorry to post this here, but I was looking for a way to email you privately and could not find anything. I saw some posts you had written about DNA etc and thought you might be able to help or point me in the right direction.

    A friend of mine got back a paternity test saying he is the father of a child. I have done some looking around online about it many times and noticed this was a VERY strange report.

    Where the alleles are showing the mom and child have a majority with only one number meaning the same two numbers are there. So for instance at one point the mom has just a 17 or just a 13 meaning she really has 17, 17 or 13, 13. Child is exactly the same. The reason being the father also had the same number in common there. The mom only has 2 places where she has more than one number. The child I think about 4. The ONLY place the father has a number that the mother does not have is ONE loci or whatever they are called. This is the biggest percentage of paternity. Father has mostly 2 numbers listed for most points though. What I am wondering is since ALL three of them have so many in common does that mean mom and dad could be related? Since mom has SO many with the same exact number could that mean she is inbred?

    I would really appreciate your help figuring this out. Also is there anyone I could have look at this that you know of and see if either A/ some type of fraud is going on or B/ if since the father only has one allele that the mother does not also have, it MIGHT be possible this woman had the child with one of her own relatives. Basically based on my limited knowledge it looks as if the father of the child could almost be the father of the mother they have so many in common! (not possible, because of age, but could they be related?)

  2. Jen

    Ok, just wanted to leave a little more info… they were all tested at 7 loci. She has 4 loci that are all the same allele and 3 that have 2 alleles, the child is the exact opposite I think having 3 same, 4 with two alleles. Father only has 1 place where he has only 1 allele. Out of all 7 Alleles the mother and alleged father have 6 that match, including one that is somewhat rare.

    I would really like to speak to someone who knows about this, can you point me in the right direction. I am thinking this may be a case of contamination but wonder why the lab would not have caught that.

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