Mapping Human Brain:An awesome video at TED

This was an awesome presentation demonstrating appication of genomics to understand human biology. This would be wonderful to educate general public and high school students about the following:

  1. Biological systems are very complex: thousands of genes produce thousands of proteins at various times that mediate billions of neuronal interactions. Genomics tools (microarray: the things with green dots in this talk)
  2.  A lot of work and time is needed to learn fundamentals of biology: many scientists are needed to gather biological specimen, perform experiments, and to analyze data. In this video only 2 brains were used. Imagine using hundreds of tissues.
  3. Integration of computer programming in visualization: today, because of genomics massive amount of data can be generated in little time. However, in order to analyze and understand the data, computational tools are needed. Once the data is analyzed, computer graphics is needed to visualize the data (the brain with nice colors in this talk). Therefore, computational biologists and artists are becoming important components of the genomics community.
  4. Applications of such studies: Once we accumulate many such studies, they can be used to design drugs or to prevent a disease in general population. This takes even more time and resources.

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