About This Blog

I have been collecting my thoughts in this blog since 2006. Mentavolution stands for “Mental Evolution”. I gave it this name because I believe my mind is evolving everyday and my post should show that over time. I thank Sandeep Puri for encouraging me to start blogging. I started this blog to record my transient thoughts, some of which are beginning to evolve to concrete ideas.

I must warn the readers that my earlier posts posted when I just graduated from college may appear shallow, grammatically incorrect, and mundane. Hoever, I hope that the readers will find that my scattered shallow thoughts are evolving to concrete, logical, and pragmatic hypotheses. I am sure many intriguing comments left behind by the readers on specific topics will create stimulating discussions.

10 responses to “About This Blog

  1. smita

    This is Smita from Nepal. I was amazed to see my ohmynews article about Nepali Flag in your blog.
    Anyway nice to see your bolg.
    Happy Bkogging

  2. Hello Aashish,

    Very good effort. You have so many things in you mind and this is the best way you could share them with us……
    Keep blogging

  3. Surya Chataut

    You are definitely on the right track brother. Keep up the good work … you have high dreams and you also have the potential to get there … so don’t ever slow down.

    Best wishes …


  4. Emann Yolmo

    As I’m also doing my Master’s in Sociology and Anthropology, I guess it’ll be very useful to visit your site and read your “piece of mind” ha ha !!!

  5. carina

    hi dai
    u r really active n nice keep it up . best luck for ur futuren have great succes

  6. anup srivastav

    Good start Aashish, way to go. Count me as a journeyman in your journey of exploring knowledge. Though our fields do not intersect, we can still learn from each other.

  7. dear aashish,
    its again(i am using the word because i used same to Srijana didis blog) good to see a blog related to genes,genetics and genomics.its amazing to see PLOSGenetics in ur blogroll,to which i regularly visit.
    the only thing that makes nature is gene, haina?which is composed of C.O.N.Petc and we also should keep trying to reach the techonlogy to reach the place that has been occupied by the westeners.
    i hope u will bring more interesting topics
    KEEP it up

  8. Dear Sir,

    I noticed you using my image E=mc2 on this site.
    The least I expect is that you add my name and a link to my site please.

    thank you in advance.
    Peter van Nugteren

  9. personally haven’t stepped into the world of science, after high school (that is besides the obligatory two courses as an undergrad) but still thrilled as could be to see a fellow nepali in the field! best wishes =]

  10. Dhanyabaad, Thank you, Sukriya and Muito Obrigado to all of those who have been a great encouagement. Thanks a lot :0)

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