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13th Century cave paintings found in Nepal

Right when a team of archeologists exploring were returning back, a shepherd enlightened them of a cave with “remarkable paintings.” The mural, 25 feet wide with delicate paintings of Tibetan lineages, are believed to be painted in 12-13th century. The Annapurna conservation project and Nepali Government will be working on to preserve and protect the paintings. The archeologists have not made the site public yet. A brief report about the painting can be listened to at NPR Day to Day.

Recently, multistoried caves were discovered in Mustang by National Geographic Team. Interestingly the researchers found, among other archeological treasures, human bones that seem to be from two distinct human populations. The first human population seems to have crossed the Himalayas a few thousand years ago and the second team seems to have arrived at Mustang about a few hundred years ago, according to Lost cave temples, a PBS documentary.

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